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I’ll admit it, I probably spend way too much time obsessing over my hair.  For some, stepping on a scale dictates (to some extent) wether this will be a “good day” or a “bad day”.  I forsake a daily weigh in for the inevitable torture or delight that comes from that first glimpse of my bed head in the bathroom mirror.  Will I gaze upon golden tendrils of relaxed beach waves a la Kate Hudson?  Or a rat’s nest of “what the hell is that” a la Donald Trump?

Some of  my earliest memories are of my hair.  I wore it long and straight and spent many hours at my Mother’s feet as she combed through it.  I remember saving up my allowance to buy Sun In as a teenager, which now makes no sense…I was already a perfect Marcia Brady blonde.  I guess I was preparing myself for the thousands of dollars in products and services my future would hold.

My hair has been through many styles.  I cut it short like Dorothy Hamill in the 70’s which I regretted immediately.  How many of us wanted to look like that damn skater when frankly that style only looked good on well, Dorothy Hamill?  I had Farrah’s sexy wings in the 80’s and a Racheal cut in the 90’s.  I also went through a long and incredibly unfortunate period of perming, but thankfully most of the photographic evidence of that has been destroyed.  I guess you could say I’ve come full circle and have been back to wearing it past my shoulders for many years now.  I contemplate cutting it every time I sit in my stylist’s chair, but the memory of Dorothy still haunts me.

I have friends who are letting their hair purposely go grey.  I think this a awesome trend and looks great on some women, but I don’t think it’s for me.  To be fair, I have been coloring my hair for so long  I wouldn’t know if I have grey hairs as the evidence has been mercifully covered up every eight weeks or so for decades now.  “Only my hair dresser knows for sure” but thankfully he is well paid enough to lie to my face.  I assume I will be blonde till I die, but that means if I want youthful, healthy hair, I have to maintain it, so that brings me to a few simple upgrades for your hair:

Kent comb. Handmade in England. Purchased through

Kent comb. Handmade in England. Purchased through

In my never ending quest to bring a little obtainable luxury into my everyday life, I purchased a Kent hair comb. They are handmade in England and it’s hefty weight and tortoise coloring feels like money as it glides through my hair. Yes, it’s just a comb, but for around $11 I admire it’s beauty every time I step out of the shower.

The follwing products are well received all around the world wide webs, and are favorites of mine as well:


It’s a 10 is a leave in conditioner that claims to do ten things for your hair…repair damage, controls frizz, adds shine, etc, etc, etc.  I’m not sure if we need to call the Vatican to verify it’s “miracle” status, but it has helped repair my hair’s split ends and make it soft and shiny.

Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day – Night Cap Overnight Perfector is a weightless, silicone free “pillow safe” treatment that’s easy to apply to damp hair before bedtime and wash out in the morning.  I’m not entirely sure if it’s worth it’s higher price tag, but it’s scent is really nice and I like what the product does for my hair.

And lastly, we come to the least expensive and probably my favorite, Coconut Oil.  If you haven’t tried coconut oil on everything from your skin to your hair to your cooking, then you probably aren’t reading this because coconut oil is almost as popular on the Internet as cats and kale.

I like to scoop a small handful (maybe 2 Tbls) into my palms and rub till liquified, then coat the ends and bottom third of my hair with it.  Any remainder will then get rubbed into my legs or face and the warmth of the shower will help it penetrate.   Honestly, I could do a whole post on the wonders of coconut oil (and probably will someday), but this item alone has done more for the overall condition of my hair and I’m not sure what I did before it came along.

So, call me vain or call me obsessed, I will forever be searching for the latest and greatest styling tool, color enhancer or hair trend.  And then there is the universal question of should a woman of a certain age wear her hair long or short?  Where do you stand on this debate?  Are there other hair crazed ladies out there who will share your secrets with me?


I hope so…till then, cheers!







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2 thoughts on “Your Crowning Glory

  • Stephanie

    I can relate to the Dorothy Hamil haircut. My mom thought it would be a good look for me in the first grade but I just looked like a boy. I love Living Proof products and think that most all of them perform well. I have Perfect Hair Day, style prep and love their shampoos and conditioners, especially the Restore line. But now that I’m staying home and on a budget, my luxury shampoo and conditioner has been replaced with drugstore brands. I am going to try the coconut oil tip though. I have some and my hair could use the conditioning for sure!