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Vertuoline machine and Aeroccino milk frother in my sunny kitchen.

Vertuoline machine and Aeroccino milk frother in my sunny kitchen.

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who takes their coffee seriously. The aroma of a freshly brewed pot, the warmth of the mug in my hand, it truly is the best part of waking up, as they say.

Like many things in my life, I am working to heightening the experience. How could I upgrade this simple act to bring me even more joy? Firstly, I bought some new equipment. While traveling this last Summer in Victoria, BC, we stayed in a lovely hotel that featured Nespresso coffeemakers in their suites. It’s modern, streamlined design spoke to my need for more chic in my life, but it was the coffee that sold me. A steamy, ebony colored cup of espresso with just the perfect amount of crema, I was transported to Italy with just one sip. We decided we needed this baby in out kitchen, pronto!

When I started doing some research, I couldn’t find the exact model (perhaps it was for commercial use only)?, but I did find a similar looking one at Macy’s. Nespresso has two different “sub models” of their machines for home use; the Vertuoline and the Original Line. The biggest difference between the two is the extraction process and that the Original Line only prepares espresso where as the Vertuoline can also prepare coffee. The pods for each set of machines are not interchangeable, so you need to pick a side going in. I thought I would want the option to make coffee, and I was blinded by the sleek design of Vertuoline model, so I bought it without taste testing the actual coffees available. You can only purchase pods from Nespresso (either online or in their very few brick and mortar stores, luckily, there is one near me in Bellevue, Washington). With that in mind, I wish I had done my research a little better. I do like the product, but I would have been better off choosing the Original Line since I definitely prefer the espresso vs the coffee my machine produces. The Original Line models are not only less expensive, but the varieties of espresso pod flavors and profiles are much more extensive.

One of the best things about Nespresso is its recycling program. I think all owners of single serve coffeemakers lament over the incredible waste that is produced by the coffee pods themselves. Nespresso has a solution for this via their recycling program. Used pods are collected and shipped back to the company via pre paid envelopes, where the metal is separated from the coffee grounds. Then the aluminum is recycled and the grounds are also recycled into compost. The whole process is very convenient for the customer and gives a bit of added value to the rather pricey cost of the capsules themselves.

So, am I happy with my decision? In a word, yes. I have gone from drinking multiple cups of brewed coffee a day with cream and sugar added, to one or two beautiful lattes, made with low fat milk, so rich and creamy…no sugar is required. This is accomplished simply with the best invention ever, the Aeroccino, or milk frother which was included in my bundled purchase.

imageBut you’re thinking, Kelly, espresso is not my thing. Okay, then my next suggestion is to upgrade your morning with a glamorous new cup.  We all have a cupboard full of mismatched, ugly mugs that were handed down or bought impulsively as souvenirs that although practical, will do nothing for your new chic morning ritual.  Find something that really speaks to you.  These three pictured above are my personal favs.  Two I purchased at Anthropologie and the beauty in the front is my wedding china.  Why not use your grandma’s heirloom teacup every morning?  Why not make everyday special.  Yes, some of us can barely make a coherent sentence before our first cup of coffee, but just like how wine actually seems to taste better when served in the proper stemware, your coffee will taste somehow out of the ordinary when you slow down and savor each sip in it’s beautiful new vessel.

Dare I say you might start looking forward to mornings?  I know, I know, that’s pushing it.  This is just the start of little changes we can do together to make every aspect of our lives more festive.

Let me know what your favorite morning routines are in the comments below.  Cheers, Kelly.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Upgrades – Your Morning Coffee

  • Cheryl K

    The Nespresso sounds like a good purchase. I have a Keurig and I like it a lot. There is now a reusable filter cup that works perfectly so I’m not buying the coffee pods. I purchase whatever coffee I like and there’s no waste! If this ever bites the dust, I might just get a Nespresso!

    • Kelly Currier Post author


      Thanks for stopping by! There is no question that, at this point, Keurig has a market edge with many more pods available (glad to hear they have a reusable filter) but as a coffee lover I think if you try the smoothness the Nespresso can deliver, you might be a convert.