Vacay…Everyday? 4

You know that feeling you get while on vacation?  That easy, delicious feeling of anticipation mixed with possibility and perhaps a fruity cocktail drank way before a respectable hour?  I want that heady feeling in my everyday life…and I want that for you too.


Yes, we will probably have to make our own beds and if there is a mint on our pillow at night it is because we put it there, but why not give your everyday life all the little pleasures that make vacation time feel so special?


Midlife is a time of rediscovery.  Your children are probably grown, your career is stable, or like me you’ve left it behind to start a new chapter.  You now actually have time to focus on well, you.  Let’s talk about what is important in our lives now, or what just feels like fun.  For me, that’s traveling the world and the world right outside my door that I’ve been ignoring for far too long.  It’s throwing dinner parties for friends where we eat delicious food, drink wine and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s tables for two at local restaurants or just at my kitchen table with the man who put me through Culinary school and should reap at least some of the benefit from that.


Let’s try new fashion trends and new beauty products ( even if the only person that sees them is the UPS guy).  There is so many rules out there for “a woman of a certain age”, let’s discuss which are true and which are just an antiquated way of thinking.


I have a pretty good life and I’m grateful for all I have, but I sometimes find myself floundering in a sea of choices and then I end up choosing to sit on my butt…I want to change that.  I want to attend to the details of my life in a more glamorous and entertaining way, and I want to know how you bring joy into your everyday activities as well, so please introduce yourself or just come along for the ride.


What I really want to talk about the little luxuries that take your life from good to great.  So why not upgrade our lives together?


Cheers!  Kelly.


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4 thoughts on “Vacay…Everyday?

  • Stephanie

    This is delicious! I’ve been waiting for a blog to appear in my life on exactly this topic for women exactly like me. I just left a career and am staying at home now and sort of lost, but I want to make it exquisite. Thanks Kelly!!!!

    • Kelly Currier Post author

      Thanks Stephanie! Although I am new to blogging, I am excited about inspiring (and being inspired by) others in a quest to make everyday just a little more luxurious. My hope is to someday have a whole tribe of like minded women sharing ideas…so welcome in!

  • Kathy

    Amen, Kelly, amen! I would love to hear more about how we as women can juggle the family things as well as making the time to nurture ourselves. Sometimes we just get caught up in the family stuff and tend to put ourselves last. Making every day a vacation or a little more luxurious sounds divine and I can’t wait to hear more from you.

    • Kelly Currier Post author

      Welcome to the conversation Kathy! We all have obligations. If we are fortunate enough to have people in our lives that we love, it comes with the territory. That said, I believe I am a better wife, mother and friend when I make taking care of myself a priority.

      Life can be messy, mine certainly can be, but I’d like this to be a place where we can interject a little glamorous fun into it, and I hope you stick around and comment more.